Impulse Sector - Max Strong Multi Keg CDU

Disrupting the shopper journey in-store:

We designed a clever CDU which also doubled up as a pimp kit. This was deployed either on its own or onto a small footprint display for convenience, impulse and express stores, targeting snacking and alcohol areas and drink cabinets within these environments.

Using the most appropriate materials for stability and print finish:

We used a litho printed four-colour process (CMYK), using water-based inks, printed directly onto 600mic solid board for a high-quality finish. The multi-function plinth was also litho printed and laminated onto E Flute corrugated board for super strength and rigidity in-store. The materials used were 100% recyclable.

The displays were cut on an automated die cutter, enabling the precision required for such a delicate unit. These were then hand glued due to the size of the units.  We used a B Flute outer to collate the components and to keep them protected through the flat-pack supply chain. In-store, the display units were assembled and merchandised by PepsiCo’s trained merchandising teams. 

Adhering to the marketing objectives:

The aim of the POS was to promote the new Walkers brand of Max Strong crisps. Designed to appeal to ‘beer lovers’, each flavour was created to complement different types of popular beer.

Research has shown savoury snacks are playing an increasingly important role in social and sporting occasions and that they feature in 15% of beer-drinking occasions. With this in mind, Max Strong was designed to meet the demand for a perfect snack to accompany a pint. 

This display had five key goals:

Promoting new brand and drive affinity with beer / drinks

Adding 3D standout in-store

Enabling ability to dual site in-store to unlock space

Ensuring cost-effective design

Rewarding long-term retailer customers


Highlights of the display:

With our overall aim to promote awareness of the new brand and unlock key locations in-store, we rose to the challenges by:

Promoting new brand and drive affinity with beer / drinks

The dual-function keg combined key beer graphics with the Max Strong brand to cleverly link the product messages. The main keg graphic was very clear in its communication, using the strapline “Calling beer lovers” to attract their target audience to the product. 

We highlighted the new range of flavours using a bar-top styled graphic header to showcase the three flavours. 

Adding 3D standout in-store. The flexible material allowed a fully 360o3D keg, offering maximum standout in-store. The unique cutaway design gave shoppers a peek inside, revealing the new packs – which were front facing for optimum visibility. The strategic placement of the Max Strong shield logo meant it was clearly visible regardless of where the unit was sited.

Enabling ability to dual site in-store to unlock space:

The dual-function plinth was where the design really shone. Die-cut to include additional tabs, the unit could be used as either header kit to adorn a pre-filled unit or as a counter-top display unit to unlock secondary locations.  This design was easily interchangeable – by simply perforating the additional tabs which locked it on to the existing unit, retailers could create a perfectly sized and impactful standalone display.

With the bonus of being able to unlock secondary locations, the keg also provided extra stock-holding capacity, raising product up on existing pre-filled displays.


Ensuring cost-effective design:

Due to the very tight margins on single-serve products, the display needed to be very cost effective. Our high-volume production method and skilled hand-finishing teams allowed us to keep costs low, while still producing a superb quality unit.

Thanks to the unique pop-up design the field team could easily activate and fill the display within a minute.

Rewarding long-term retailer customers - The keg was an excellent incentive and reward for retailers investing in the new brand by placing advance orders – supporting Walkers in the new brand launch.

The displays received positive feedback from field team and retailers alike for their flexibility and standout in-store.


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