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Disrupting the shopper journey in-store:

Front-of-store locations in main estate grocery stores instantly attract shoppers’ attention. Tie this in with an in-store sampling experiential event, and you have a compelling execution.


Using the most appropriate materials for stability and print finish:

We used a combination of E & EB corrugated materials to ensure a good quality surface and digital printing for consistency, efficiency, speed and quality across all 19 individual sheets of print. Due to the high number of individual components, it was essential for us to maintain a high level of accuracy during finishing, gluing and collation.
The E Flute material allowed us to create a unit with a curvy, organic look and feel, enabling us to bend the material and ‘break the lines’ of the display.


The EB Flute material ensured the display was strong and stable, so we could maximise stockholding capability (400+ packs) and create a 2.2m high secure arch background with no structural issues. 
These materials and processes resulted in a consistent, quality display with fast speed to market, while the detailed hand finishing allowed it to be executed easily in-store.

Adhering to the marketing objectives:
Sensations launched in the UK in 2002, bringing exciting new flavours such as Thai Sweet Chilli to the market. 
In 2017 the brand repositioned itself as ‘A Feast For The Senses’, keeping its premium look and feel but featuring new flavours, pack designs and an above-the-line TV campaign. To support this relaunch, the brand needed a highly impactful in-store display to reinvigorate customers, highlight the exotic new flavours and clearly communicate new brand messaging and style. 


Our display needed to maximise visibility and awareness of the three new flavours, Japanese Sweet Wasabi, Spiced Keralan Curry and Mango & Red Chilli Chutney. The display also needed to combine with an in-store sampling experience to promote trialling, with market research showing that more than 50% of shoppers would purchase Sensations again after trying them.

This experience event only ran for one day in each store over three weeks – so it was essential that the front-of-store display had an impactful presence in-store long after the event. This would reduce the ‘time to find’ for returning shoppers and drive engagement from the TV campaign, still promoting the flavours to first-time shoppers.

Highlights of the display:
The display created great impact in-store with key design elements maximising standout:

Contrasting colours and imagery:
The display focussed on key black to colour block the area in-store, so it clearly stood out from the light retail environment. This also accentuated the premium gloss look and feel of the Sensations brand.

Splashes of vibrant colour were used sparingly but effectively to highlight the new flavours.

We used unique flavour imagery to distiniguish between the three flavours and their stock-holding areas. This was enhanced by individual headers signposting each flavour and colour.

Clear graphics and messaging:
The key ‘A Feast For The Senses’ messaging was communicated front and centre via the arch, placed at a height to increase visibility.

The flavours were communicated via separate headers and base graphics to keep the messaging clear and clutter free.

Footprint and height:
Research shows that display visibility is further improved by increasing its height. The materials we used allowed us to create a display which stood at 2.2m high with no safety concerns by the Tesco design standard guidelines team. This made the display clearly visible at the point of entry in-store as well as from afar. 


The display maximised two full pallet footprint, creating a dedicated area for the brand experience, while not being too large to site next to the experiential element or for store managers to keep for the full length of the promotion.

Robust materials to enable longevity:
The robust materials allowed the display to sit in-store for up to three weeks, maximising exposure to new shoppers and enabling repeat touches with repeat visitors.


The displays were sturdy and simple enough to be re-stocked multiple times by store staff without damage.

Flexible materials to form a curvy, organic-feeling structure:

Flexible materials allowed us to create more organic shaping in line with the new ‘swoosh’ branding and ‘breaking the line’ in-store. This shaping really helped to disrupt the often straight-edge or boxy look and feel of in-store environments. 

We applied this design to the curved arch for extra standout, as well as the stock-holding areas to disrupt the footprint and create interest.

Feedback from a local Tesco Grocery Manager was overwhelmingly positive when they had seen the display in another location – they requested execution for their store was to be pulled forward due to the fantastic standout.
Over this period this POS campaign was part of the outstanding re-staging exercise which helped to grow market share and become the number 1 premium savoury snacks brand, bringing over 1.6m households in to the brand.


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