Grocery Sector - Coca-Cola Inline Quarter Pallet Display

Disrupting the shopper journey in-store:

Creating a display with plenty of scope for multiple locations in-store is a great way to ensure the shoppers see

your brand.


Using the most appropriate materials for stability and print finish:

Designed to fit onto a blue Chep pallet, this robust pre-filled unit allowed maximum stock capacity with full compliance to travel through the supply chain.

Adhering to the marketing objectives:
As the promotion was executed for ASDA, there was also a keen driver to promote Coca-Cola in equal measure. At the point of order we dialled down the branding to fall in-line with the retailer guidelines. Even with this adjustment, the displays were still extremely well shopped within hours of being executed.

Highlights of the display:
This design innovation allowed the brand to offer the retailers a volume POS solution at a cost that gave fast multi-promotional activity, in this way maximizing the volume sales opportunities. The challenge was to design a display unit that could be quickly erected and applied by one operator on a high speed production line. The unit was then secured by a number of stretch-wrapping processes to enable safe travel through a very demanding supply chain. When arriving in-store the unit needed to be in great order and then easily opened and merchandised to maximize the promotional impact.


The Supply Planning Manager said "We are always challenging ourselves in delivering a cost efficient supply chain. The shrouded unit supports the business by in-sourcing key marketing activities reducing the external production cost. Additionally, the header board of the display is actually made from a perforated section of the shroud (which is ripped off in-store) reducing the amount of cardboard used."

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