Grocery Sector - Tesco Front of Store - Messi World Cup

Disrupting the shopper journey in-store:

Front-of-store locations in main estate grocery stores instantly attract shoppers’ attention. Tie this in with an in-store sampling experiential event, and you have a compelling execution.


Using the most appropriate materials for stability and print finish:

We combined E & EB corrugated materials to ensure a good quality surface, and digital printing for consistency, efficiency, speed and quality across all individual sheets of print.

The EB Flute material ensured the display was strong and stable, so we could maximise stockholding capability (mixed SKUs of pack, bottle and tube products) and create a 2.2m high secure arch background with no structural issues. 
These materials and processes resulted in a consistent, quality display with fast speed to market, while the detailed hand finishing allowed it to be executed easily in-store.

Adhering to the marketing objectives:

As this was a multi-license launch we needed to adapt our design to incorporate the talent photography, Tesco guidelines and PepsiCo branding across all the products. This was challenging to creatively design as the balance of all 3 guidelines had to be met.

Highlights of the display:



We introduced an innovative disruptor in-store with a movement activated sound card playing a crowd reacting to a goal being scored. The soundbox was fitted around the chest/head height so that it could be triggered easily and be heard at its best.

Explosive imagery:

We wanted to demonstrate the winning prize location immediately so we introduced an artistic impression of the Barcelona skyline. This gave us a great contrast between the brands and product whilst grounding the shopper experience into a familiar setting.

Clear graphics and messaging:
The communication throughout the display was well worked and it allowed the shopper to quickly navigate around

the proposition.

Footprint and height:
The materials we used allowed us to create a display which stood at 2.2m high with no safety concerns by the Tesco design standard guidelines team. This made the display clearly visible at the point of entry in-store as well as

from afar.

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