Grocery Sector - Tesco Aisle  - McVities Sofa Display

Disrupting the shopper journey in-store:
The entry is targeted at main estate grocery. Sited at the front of store with 360 degree visibility, perfect to capture that first moment of truth as shoppers enter the store.

Using the most appropriate materials for stability and print finish:
The display is constructed entirely with digitally printed EB corrugated fibreboard and converted using a flatbed platen, hand finished and delivered in a corrugated fibreboard outer with simple assembly instructions. The cladding is assembled in store around a filled half pallet display in four pieces using locking tabs that can be
re-opened for replenishment. A header card is placed on the back panel to complete the unit. Assembly takes less than 4 mins.

Adhering to the marketing objectives:
To create an unusual, impactful and eye-catching display to promote the link between McVities Nibbles in the home environment and capture the "sweeet night in" evening moment, build product awareness as a comforting sharing treat and drive competition entries with clear highly visible communication and strong McVities Sweeet branding, using the Tesco "buy, scan, win" activation. The finished display needed to meet the following criteria;

Design  - The design theme needed to be synonymous with a relaxed home environment. 

Implementation - The display needed to be easy and quick to assemble in store.

Positioning In Store - The display needed to be sited in an area of maximum footfall and be visually attractive from all sides. 

Visual Communication & Messaging - Tying in with the core McVities Sweeet branding, this display was required to communicate all core brand messaging and the Now TV promotion and its activation. 

Performance - Structural & Commercial - The display needed to be cost effective both in relation to the volume of product displayed and method of implementation.

Return on Investment - The display needed to deliver a measurable increase in product rate of sale compared to the same products displayed on shelf only.

Highlights of the display:


Innovative theme:

Our approach was to use an iconic sofa shape which supports the evening sharing theme. The sofa shape was achieved by creating a simple flat packed cladding kit. which attached together easily in store, ensuring maximum compliance for the retailer. The cladding kit was built around a half pallet display that was prefilled supplied direct to the retailer.


Assembly of the cladding kit was intuitive and took less than 4 minutes. The cladding kit was delivered flat packed and consisted of two factice boxed side sections which were secured to a rear and front panel using simple hook locks which could be easily opened for stock replenishment. 

Positioning in Store:

It was sited in a front of store location and attracted shoppers at the first moment of customer interaction in store.

Visual communication & messaging:

The iconic sofa shape of the display supports the evening sharing theme with the comfort of a sofa together with cute cuddly kittens that are featured as part of McVities Sweeet branding. The competition theme offering the chance to win a 6 month Now TV Entertainment and Kids pass was clearly visible throughout the front of store area.


Structural & Commercial - Utilising a half palled maximised the volume of product on display and this was shipped efficiently through supply Tesco chain. The sofa cladding kit was flat packed into a small outer that could be easily transported in a regular car and the small amount of time required to build kept merchandiser costs low.

Return on investment:

During the promotional period average sales of Milk and Caramel Nibbles, the two SKUs featuring in this display, were 7869 units per day.

During a similar period with the product sold on shelf, the average rate of sale was 4916 units per day. This means the Sofa display delivered a sales uplift of 56%

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